Testimonials for Royalton Automotive, Royalton OH


We always love to hear from our customers! Here are a few testimonials that we would like to share with you so you can see how our customers feel about their experience with Royalton Automotive.

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Nothing less then Excellent service!!!

John H

Very good service!!!

Sandra Z

Great Service!!!!

Tony G

Great employees and they are very friendly and work is good!

Michael H

The customer service in general is top notch! Open communication, detailed explanation and efficient service is just the beginning.
My experience at Royalton Automotive can only be described as my best experience with a car maintenance establishment. I had a negative experience at another private business and this drove me to only deal with the dealer. After dealing with the dealer for many years, I decided to get a second opinion when a dealer told me I needed to make $1200 dollars worth of repairs and another $1000 dollars worth of recommended preventative maintenance. I came to Royalton Automotive and was shocked and pleasantly relieved when I was told that all that needed to be done on my car could be done around $200 dollars, that is a $2000 dollars difference!!! If it weren’t for my coming to Royalton Automotive, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not been able to make my trip to Paris, France in the fall of 2013. So in a way Royalton Automotive helped pay for my vacation to Europe. Ever since then I knew that Royalton Automotive would be the place I would bring my vehicle when I needed it to be serviced. I will be moving from the Cleveland area this year and I only wish I could take Royalton Automotive with me, as I doubt I will ever be able to find another business I could trust and relay on as much as I do here.

Lloyd F

Good services for all my services.

Pauline H

Fantastic service! Quick and easy every time!!


I don’t trust too many businesses with my car but I trust Royalton Automotive. Very positive, friendly staff.

Helen M


Very good service!!!
Sandra Z
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